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Outlook autoforward

Here’s a macro I wrote to automatically forward outlook emails sent to my work email address to a personal email address. Outlook does have an autoforward feature, but that seems to have been disabled at my workplace. This adds the string “AutoFwd:” to the email title and sends it on to the given email address.  […]

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Changed web hosts

Restoring a MYSQL database for wordpress when changing domain hosts.

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Debugging Intel Fortran from c#

Handy tip. By default, breakpoints don’t work in an Intel Fortran dll linked to a .net project when using Visual studio. To fix this, Under the project properties, debug tab, check the ‘Enable unmanaged code degugging’ check box.

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On line family tree

I have just set up the PhPGedView family tree package at  At present it has very little information in it, but I can create an account for anyone who wishes to add to it. This has been set up in response to a project Luke had at school, and hopefully will become an extended […]

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Failed to give up

One reason I gave up on dynamatrix was the natrual log function failed.  I have fixed this bug. In Expr.cs case FXType.Ln: mi = typeof(Math).GetMethod(“Log”)); change to case FXType.Ln: mi = typeof(Math).GetMethod(“Log”, new Type[]{typeof(double)}); The problem was that the program uses reflection to find the Log function in the math assembly, but there is an […]

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Given up on dynamatrix

Dynamatrix seems to be a good design, but the implementation is buggy, and I don’t have the inclination to fix and test it.  Perhaps just linking to a fortran library is the best bet.  Primitive types can be passed easily between the two, so that might do.  If I get really enthused, I might write […]

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Searching for a Fortran style Matrix Class in C#

As a quant developer I often work with mathematicians who know and love Fortran.  Personally I hate working with this language except for its beautiful handling of matrices.  I’m currently working on building a Value at Risk system in the electricity industry, and I’ve decided to do the lot in C#, with perhaps some shelling […]

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